Photo 5 Aug 5 notes Don’t forget the new choker gem for your cosplay!
Photo 2 Aug 2 notes The oldest brooch makes the best new prop for your cosplay!
Photo 1 Aug 3 notes Life Size Boss Key!
Photo 31 Jul 262 notes The Eternal Tier Is Here!
Photo 15 Jul 4 notes Another happy customer! Thank you so much for your purchase!
I will be offering the Boss Key for sale coming soon!
Text 17 Jun Suddenly

Apparently I’m reddit famous! Whoo~
My windwaker was featured on the 5th page of reddit


Thank you Brian_Buckley for your purchase and sharing your photo!

You can buy it and many other props here: or

Link 17 Jun 2 notes Shapeways Small Business Spotlight: Corinne Hansen - Shapeways Blog on 3D Printing News & Innovation»

My shop was featured on Shapeways this week!

Photo 13 Jun 16 notes Arrr Ima 3D printing pirate!Be on the lookout for my featured shop on Shapeways this coming week

Arrr Ima 3D printing pirate!
Be on the lookout for my featured shop on Shapeways this coming week

Photo 12 Jun 7 notes Awesome cosplay by Meg! I was so glad to help make her custom staff. Thanks again for the commission and permission to share your picture!
Link 14 May 1 note sorhain on eBay»

I’m doing some spring cleaning. Want cheap anime/manga? I have some for you :)

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